25 janeiro 2010

Six Feet Under

David Fisher is not the gay boy inside of me, 'cause i'm the gay boy outside of me. Nate is not my best friend 'cause he's too much dark & he's doesn't reveres loyalty... just like we do. Ruth is not my mother, 'cause my mother is happier. Billy and Brenda aren't but they could be both my own sister. Keith is not my angry lover... but sometimes i wish he were. Claire is what i never was but always wanted to be in my 18 year old self. Sarah is not my uncle, except the part of the drugs. W
hat i’m trying to say is, this isn't about me or my life, but nothing get me more personal than this. This fucking show taught me more about myself than I’ll remember to write out.
After all everyone dies anyway...

Six Feet Under:

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