09 abril 2010

Sex and the City 2

...e lembro-me sempre de um e-card que diz: I hope Sex and the City retains the TV show's ability to make me feel poor, boring, lonely, and terribly dressed

e fui lá vê-los e há outros ainda melhor!?? :)

I fear liking Sex and the City could be the final nail in my heterosexual coffin

Let's pay our respects to Sex and the City for inspiring us to move to a city where all we can afford are movie tickets

Sorry you have no one to see Sex and the City with because you got married and dumped all your female friends

Let's celebrate female friendship by seeing Sex and the City and ripping those bitchy sluts to shreds

I'll take you to Sex and the City in exchange for a handjob during a Michael Bay film

You remind me of none of the characters from Sex and the City


i don't think we're in Kansas anymore! :)

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